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Riviera Maya
Check our hotels offer in Riviera Maya
Check our hotels offer in Riviera Maya

Here, in this land full of history, located on the far eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula the Mayan population of Mexico will welcome you with its warm hospitality.At the Mayan Riviera you will enjoy the turquoise Caribbean sea which created miles of white sandy beaches. Here are infinite possibilities of exploration and enjoyment and in this paradise of Mexico exist numerous options for accommodation, activity and dining. From simple hand made rustic cabanas with hammocks to spectacular Grand resorts or hidden away tiny hotels … everybody will find a place according to his budget.
 Just a day trip away from the coastal area is the archaeological paradise of Chitzen Itza, or right at the beach overlooking the Caribbean sea the ruins of Tulum. Snorkeling and Scuba diving friends will find loads of possibilities to indulge in their hobby and Golf courses, yachts and deep sea fishing are easy to find. Ecology is important for all people who live here and those who invested in hotels - you will find more as usual beach clean ups and ecological campaigns to keep this part of Mexico a paradise as long as possible.

Map of Riviera Maya

Wenn Sie ein Hotel an der Riviera Maya oder eine Rundreise in Yucatan suchen, hat unser Verkaufsteam sicher interessante Vorschläge

Riviera Maya
Map of riviera maya
Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya
Check our hotels offer in Cancún
transformation of Cancún
 Cancún has it all. Simply put, there is no other vacation paradise with so much to offer: magnificent hotels, soft white-sand beaches, excellent restaurants, an exciting nightlife, ample shopping opportunities and a wealth of natural beauty. Moreover, Cancún´s central location allows easy access to many ancient Maya sites.
 Cancún has not always been a word class resort - for ages its only inhabitants were the birds and iguanas. This changed after the Mexican government initiated a very ambitious project in 1972 and the transformation of Cancún began.
 Cancún now is actually two different cities - Downtown or El Centro - and the hotel zone, a 22 km barrier island which separates the Caribbean Sea from the lagoon. The Kukulcán Boulevard runs the entire length of the Hotel zone and is so narrow, that at some points you can view the Caribean Sea on one end and the Nuchupé lagoion on the other.
 The lagoon is the perfect playground for all kinds of watersports. On the other side, nothing compares its beaches and crystal-clear turquoise Caribbean waters.. Spending a few days in Cancún is much more than sunbathing, relaxing and having fun. You may also become accustomed to the constant flow of attention and services offered to you 24 hours a day. Cancún is without a doubt a party for the senses.
 Truly, the vacation of a lifetime.

Map of Cancún
Rundreisen nach Mexiko und Yucatan finden Sie hier
Check our hotels offer in Cancún
chitzen itza
cancun beaches
cancun crystal clear sea
Caribbean Sea

cancun great beaches
Check our hotels offer in Cozumel
 Mexico's largest island is Cozumel, which is well known for its long white sandy beaches and its famous diving places in crystal clear water. The Mayans considered the island the home of the goddess of love and fertility Ixchel and in former times the Mayans from Yucatan came at least once in their life here, to take part on ceremonies for the goddess.

 Nowadays the islands inhabitants are still in majority Mayans - their hospitality and friendliness create together with the extraordinary landscape a singular beauty of this island. On the island you can visit several Mayan archaeological sites where ceremonies were held in honor of the goddess and you still can feel the ancient mystic of this place. The white coastline, the tropical vegetation and the friendly hospitality of the inhabitants invite tourists to enjoy their vacation here - many hotels for each budget are available. You can reach Cozumel by plane or ferry - or within a tour with Andalemexico.

Tagesausflüge nach Cozumel können Sie bei uns reservieren !
diving places in cozumel
diving in cozumel
chitzen itza
cancun great beaches
Playa del Carmen is flourishing as a laid-back eco-friendly resort for fun and adventure amid championship Golf courses and low-rise hotels. This little Caribbean beach town has grown tremendously in popularity during the last decade. The town has grown along the beach, so wherever you go, you will feel the closeness to the ocean.

Vorschläge für Ihren Strandaufenthalt in Playa del Carmen gibt Ihnen unser Verkaufsteam
playa del carmen beach
beach of playa del carmen
beach of playa del carmen
hotel reservation in Rivier Mayabeach of playa del carmen
chitzen itza

The capital of the state of Yucatan is located about 300 kilometers west from Cancún. The so-called White City is a beautiful destination and starting point for those who want to know more about the peninsula of Yucatan. Merida was founded in 1542 by the Spanish invaders and was named after the same city in Spain. Old and new buildings in Merida create a harmonizing combination and as usual in Yucatan the hospitality of its inhabitants is warm and friendly. You can find a lot of interesting monuments and places while walking through the streets, amongst them La Casa de Montejo, the beautiful cathedral or the Jose Peon Contreras Theater and many others as museums, parks, markets, malls, boutiques and stores selling handcrafts and typical clothing.
Merida Streetlife
Merida Streetlife
At night Merida becomes a fascinating city with night life in open-air cafes, first class restaurants, concert halls, discotheques or in night clubs. From family guesthouses to luxury hotels - you will find what you are looking for to stay in Merida for at least some days.

Merida und Umgebung hat viel zu bieten - wir bieten Rundreisen nach Uxmal, Celestun und zu den Hacienda - weitere Informationen finden Sie in unserem Mexiko Katalog 2007

Merida Cathedral

hotel reservation in Rivier Maya
Merida Museum
chitzen itza
Chichen Itza
Mayan civilization
 In Chichén Itzá you will find the most impressive and intact ruins of Mayan civilization. Chichén Itzá means place of the "mouth of the well of the Itzá" (Itzá is the name of the Mayan invaders that came around 300 years after the city was founded). Chichén Itzá has two distinct influences in art and architecture: Mayan and Toltec. The southern end of the city is the oldest, built by the Mayan Itzá around the ninth century A.D.
 The culture and knowledge of the Maya has also influenced many areas of architecture, art, and astronomy in our modern world, as the ancient Mayan city of Chichén Itzá shows in many details the great knowledge of Mystic, Mathematics and Astronomy of the Mayans many centuries ago.
Chichén Itza
 One day, the Mayas of Chichén Itzá decided to leave their city. Archaeologists do not know why but they left and the city remained silent in the middle of the Yucatan jungle - long before Columbus arrived.

 The most impressive monument of this site is without question EL Castillo, or Kulkulkan's Pyramid. It stands in the middle of a vast area encircled by several other important buildings, allowing the visitor to admire from a distance its perfect proportions and design. It is a masterpiece of Toltec-Maya architectural genius.

 You can visit Chichén Itzá in a day trip when staying in Cancún or Playa del Carmen. However there are also hotels next to the archaeological site.

Wir haben ein umfangreiches Hotelangebot für mehrtägige Hotelaufenthalte in der Umgebung von Chichen Itzá - fragen Sie unser Verkaufsteam
Mayan and Toltec
You can visit Chichén Itzá in a day trip when staying in Cancún or Playa del Carmen. However there are also hotels next to the archaeological site.
archeological places in mexico
Check our hotels offer in Chichén Itzá
chichen itza, tzichen itza
Check our hotels offer in Chichén Itzá
tchichen itza
shishen itza
chitzen itza
hotel reservation in Rivier Maya
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