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General information about Veracruz

The city stands on a low, sandy plain surrounded by dunes and swamps, some of which have been reclaimed and are very fertile. In 1519 the Spanish explorer Hernán Cortés landed near the site later chosen (1599) for the present city.
The highlights of the city encompass the cultural originality and ancestral ties of the Spanish. Some of the major sights include the Plaza de la Republica (Republic Plaza), where the scenery is said to be the best in the area. Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum) was built in 1852 as the Instituto Veracruzano, and in 1970 became the primary cultural and historical museum of the city. Another museum is Baluarte de Santiago, Santiago's Bastion, which was a portion of the wall that originally surrounded and protected the city. There are many churches, museums and historic sights within Veracruz.


Food and drink can be found almost anywhere in Veracruz. To name a few of the better places to eat, try the local cuisine at Cafeteria Colonial, Chicote, La Merced, or Gran Cafe la Parroquia. Other choices could include El Pescador, Las Brisas del Mar, Tano, La Quinta or Villa Rica. Believe it or not, there are pizza places that offer a variety of toppings; most notably is Pizza Palace that has four restaurants in the city. For spirits, cadets can take their pick of the literally hundreds of options. Beaches include Playa Marti, Mocambo and Playon de Hornos. Diving and water sports are available at Tridente and Curazao. Fishing club members should find Club de Yates Veracruz. Bicycle rentals are available at nearby Bicicentro Lezama. Plenty of activities are available, and are certainly not difficult to find. Shopping centers of Veracruz for local crafts, gifts and souvenirs abound. The crafts are almost all domestically made, as are souvenirs (nothing from Taiwan or Korea). Curiosidades, Plaza de las Artesanias (for local crafts), Plaza Crystal Veracruz and Mercado are but a few of the choices for gifts and souvenirs. Clubs and nightlife abound in the "jarochos." Music is primarily Spanish, although some clubs have Rock and Jazz. Some of the places to visit are Caprichos, Climax, La Ballesta, Parthenon, Moruchos and El Mirador. Cadets have a tendency to have absolutely no difficulty finding fun during the evening at most any port. (written by Rick Nash)

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Boca Del Rio
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The city of Veracruz and Boco del Rio are close to each other and have actually grown together over the years. They are connected by a Camacho boulevard that runs pretty well parallel along the gulf. Boca del Rio is characterized in Veracruz and Mexico because of its beautiful beaches and delicious coastal cuisine



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While witchcraft has had a home here since the Olmecs (Mesoamerica's oldest civilization) ruled the land 3,000 years ago, recent years have sparked new interest. Today, Catemaco is known as the City of Witches. Tourism officials promote the local occult, especially the "Annual Convention of Wizards" on the first Friday of March, when thousands of visitors pay $20 to $500 to be rid of evil spirits or plain bad luck. Tourists stroll the streets looking for someone to lead them to a witch doctor. It is easy even for a visitor to see that witchcraft has influenced the local business community. Many businesses use the word brujo (meaning witch) in their names. There is the wooden-hut restaurant called Seven Brujos and the Brujo Inn. There is even a Brujo coffee house.

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The city of Zacatecas is located in the central part of the Mexican Republic in the state with the same name
The city of Zacatecas is located in the central part of the Mexican Republic in the state with the same name
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The city of Zacatecas is located in the central part of the Mexican Republic in the state with the same name  

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The city of Zacatecas is located in the central part of the Mexican Republic in the state with the same name
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